Dance Break: Try to Dance Industrial (Video)

Dance Break: Try to Dance Industrial (Video)

This video is awesome for several reasons. There are really too many reasons to name, so here are the main ones: everyone in this video is doing Matrix cosplay maybe; everyone in this video was probably banned from using X-acto knives in art class because they would carve crude images of The Crow on their own shoes/faces; everyone in this video is a future hedge fund manager. If you’re still at the office, you are fucking obligated to get up and do these moves right now.

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  • Chupacabra

    Good times…

  • redheadartgirl

    Pick an apple, put it in the basket, my elbow is killing me, better roll up my sleeve, pick an apple, put it in the basket…

  • Force Crater

    I am their God. My vengeance will rain down on all who shun the dance. Only a river of ‘Reefer’ Cups will stem my righteous anger!

  • doktorzoom

    OK GO is really just phoning it in these days.

  • SullivanSt

    Best bit is the random dude walking through the shot.

  • dude with the gas mask is committed to the cause

    • Arcturus

      I think that’s Bane.

  • artem1s

    latest martial arts crazeorGOT interpretive dance recap

  • Otto66

    So ever one is auditioning for glee? Give me a nice tango or basa nova. “Blame it on the Boss Nova…”

  • HogeyeGrex

    “Look at the description to see the parody” it says.Wait. This isn’t the parody?Admittedly, the Nyan Cat version rules.

  • Aeclectic