The Daily Show's Jessica Williams Has Had It With These Racist Dogs (Video)

The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams takes Fox News at its word when it says racism isn’t a problem anymore, but that does leave her wondering why 100% of people bitten by police dogs in LA County were black or Latino. So she asks a dog trainer the obvious question: “Is that because we taste better?” You won’t believe the lengths the trainer goes to in trying to make excuses for the blatant racism of a cute little doggie named Walter. But it’s not just dogs — turns out that computers are racist, too. Just see what happens when you google “Why are black people”…


It’s a pretty funny bit, even if the ending is a bit pat. Plus, I have taken a solemn vow to always promote Jessica Williams segments on TDS, because someday she will notice me and return my undying love. That works, doesn’t it?

Also worth a look, maybe, if your blood pressure is under appropriate medical management: Jon Stewart’s extended interview with former senator and Heritage Foundation head Jim DeMint, which is yet another of those exercises in which Stewart tries to get a rightwing political figure to get beyond canned talking points about freedom and opportunity — and doesn’t quite get there. Lord knows the extended interview is far better than the pared-down mess that made it to air, but in his efforts to be polite-but-firm, Stewart once again gives the conservaguest plenty of room to spout the condescending bullshit he was planning to bring all along. Credit to Stewart for trying, at least. Here’s the first part, of three:

TV Show: The Daily Show

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