The Daily Show Looks At The Greatest American Healthcare In The Greatest America Ever

The Daily Show squeezes amazing comedy mileage from this ridiculously simple premise: Take a rightwing cliché at face value and then go into the world to check the fit. And so Aasif Mandvi went to Knoxville, Tennesee with a charity doctor to test the premise that America has “the greatest healthcare system in the world.” After all, Fox Business Network commentator Todd Wilemon warns that Obamacare threatens to someday turn our healthcare into something you might find in the third world. And sure enough, accompanying Dr. Stan Brock of Remote Area Medical to Knoxville, he found a gymnasium crowded with impoverished people desperate to be seen by a doctor, but unable to pay for care.


Best part of the segment: Mandvi describing what he found to Wilemon, and Wilemon’s squirming as he attempts to explain that everything now is just fine, and all those folks in Knoxville are lazy and unwilling to pay, because “they’ve made that choice.” And yes, Wilemon actually does have a solution for poverty: “If you’re poor, stop being poor.” Damn! Why didn’t we think of that?

The conclusions are pretty clear — if America continues down the road to socialized medicine, we may end up with a third-world system like that found in Canada or France (no, we will never have health care as good as France).

TV Show: The Daily Show

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