Your Daily Show/Colbert Report Clickbait Is Here! Jon Stewart Talks Pot, And Stephen Colbert Tackles Climate Change

Good morning! In a thoroughly shameless effort to direct eyeballs our way, we are pleased to bring you these important social commentaries from America’s most astute observers of the current American scene in America today. Enjoy your clipbait!

Tuesday’s Daily Show was all about the Mary Jane being legal in the Colorado and such as. Mr. Stewart had fun with Bill O’Reilly’s not-at-all-belabored attempt to suggest that pot and texting are equally addictive — and props to O’Reilly’s guest, Columbia professor Carl Hart, who had the decency to treat the assertion exactly as seriously as it deserved.


In a rare departure, Stewart also dedicated the show’s second segment to legal marijuana, noting that the same people worried about kids “getting potted up on weed” — a phrase that is already in heavy rotation in the Zoom household — are just a little less worried about alcohol:

Tuesday’s interview: Steve Coogan talks about his performance in Philomena and the challenge of being a comedian doing serious material.

Over on the Colbert Report, Stephen was in fine form on the topic of climate change: “Science tells us that if it ever gets cold, global warming isn’t real.”

The Colbert Report
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Tuesday’s interview: Journalist John Seigenthaler talks about anchoring the news at Al Jazeera America.

We’ll be back tomorrow with another dose! Keep clicking, you hear?

[The Daily Show / The Colbert Report]

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