Daily Show Calls For Revenge On West Virginia Water Terrorists; Stephen Colbert Advocates Endless War To End War

Good morning! Our first Clipbait of the week brings you The Daily Show applying the logic of the War on Terror to the West Virginia chemical spill, and Stephen Colbert’s simple plan to make sure Afghanistan won’t fall apart after American troops leave: never leave.

TDS had Jason Jones doing a fake remote spot in West Virginia, contrasting the panic-infused language of warnings about potential terrorism with the no-need-to-overreact tone used for industrial accidents. After all, fighting terrorism is important, but environmental regulations kill jobs.


Interview: Roger Ross Williams, director of God Loves Uganda, a documentary on the involvement of American evangelicals in that country’s efforts to criminalize homosexuality.

Over on The Colbert Report, Stephen gives us “The Word” on the post-occupation outbreak of violence in Iraq. How can we prevent postwar chaos in unstable regions? If there’s never a postwar period, it’s easy, so Stephen calls for a “surge into the unstable region of Everywhere”:

The Colbert Report
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Interview: David Fanning, the executive director of Frontline, talks about the challenges of doing long-form journalism in an age of Buzzfeed-length attention spans. Well worth watching, if only for the intro with Narration God Will Lyman’s perfectly deadpan voiceover: “It’s a conversation Colbert has been preparing for since four o’clock.”

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