VIDEO: Cyclone (1987)

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Cecil reviews the super motorcycle movie Cyclone, starring Heather Thomas and Jeffrey Combs!

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  • danbreunig

    Going into this review my first thought was “what if Cecil actually made a CyKill reference because he’s the only other awesome futuristic 80s motorcycle outside of Cyclone?” I had to stop the video there just to collect myself–so many thanks!

    I remember that Michelob commercial! More of a Leinenkugels guy, though.

    With such a diverse cast I’m surprised that I don’t quite remember Martin “Commander Koenig” Landau as Bosarian. Or even Heather Thomas of Fall Guy fame in the lead.

    The thing I strangely remember most about Cyclone was Dar Robinson, whom I know from only here and Stick. A year or two before I saw Cyclone there was an ABC TV tribute special to him, and I was too young to know who he was or why he was important enough to warrant a tribute special. An expert stuntman of the era, and then fate finally caught up to him–kind of like a Steve Irwin for stuntmen. So it’s ironic when I heard “how is he still alive [A Team style]!?”

    Nothing says 80s action soundtrack like those synths and TMX drums.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Mandatory Cykill reference.

      I’m pretty sure my first introduction to Dar Robinson was during reruns of “Thats Incredible” where they showcased some of his more elaborate stunts. There is a documentary out about him I really want to see.

      Oh wow, I didn’t even think of that. Yeah, he survived some insane stunts with not even a broken bone and then a routine shot gets him killed.

      • danbreunig

        I wonder if that special I heard of and the documentary are one in the same.

        “Mandatory CyKill Reference”. Sounds like you just invented yourself a meme.

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Oh yeah, this movie is Street Hawk – if Street Hawk would be about a sexy woman. ^^

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Yep. That was the one big thing this had over Street Hawk

  • Muthsarah

    1:07 into the review, and I’m stopping the vid. I’ll return after I see the movie, which will (hopefully) be shortly. Very effective beginning.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      I think you’ll like it 🙂

      • Muthsarah

        I just re-discovered, like, earlier today that I STILL haven’t seen this movie yet. I went to the video store, yon winter or whatever, and someone had checked it out already. Which is cool. Kinda. In the greater scheme of things. That more than one person/week wanted it. But I then checked it off the list, prolly rented something Japanese (as I do) and then forgot about it. For too long.

        But I just yesterday was recalled to life-ishly remembered about this. Dunno how. But I went to my store again (every Wednesday), and was able to check it out this time (along with “25th Hour”, which I haven’t seen available in, like eight months, that must be CRAZY popular).. I have the DVD. In my sight. In my hand. Currently stroking my right (face-)cheek with it. It’s even paired with “Savage Justice” in a two-DVD-one-rental thing, which I know nothing about, totally free. They were two-for-one. Not sure if that’s cool or sad. Prolly cool. ‘Cuz these’re exploitation films….right? All that counts is the views, right? No pretensions, right? Or should each be allowed to stand on their own, like a Road Warrior or a Traxx or something else I’ve rented solo-wise and discovered for the first time this year or so?

        Before I see either movie, I’m curious, do you know anything of “Savage Justice” (1988). ‘Cuz I got it. Dunno what to think of it. But I’m totally curious ’bout your thoughts. Going by your recent Radiodromes, you clearly know everything about everything. Everything 80s, at least. And I have long since made it a point to rent SOMEthing 80s every time I go to the video store (even if the last thing I rented was an 80s thing by Kon Ichikawa, set in c.900A.D., but with spaceships). I barely heard your opinion of “Cyclone” months ago, before I turned it off for my own good – seriously the Jeffrey Combs appearance alone SOLD me on it. Yeah, ‘cuz Trek. Sue me.

        If you haven’t seen “Savage Justice”, I think I’d be curious to share my thoughts on it, almost recommendishly so. I mean, if I even like it. But…well…there ARE limits to your enjoyment of 80’s B-movies, right? You don’t AUTOMATICALLY like every film of that genre. I hope.

        Anyway, whatever point I had been trying to make here, I’ve totally forgotten already. Something to do with Jeffrey Combs and a motorcycle.