Customers Hate This Company More Than Any Other…

What company is hated by its own customers more than any other? Yep, that’s the one. The very first company you and every other person thought of.

According to a new Zogby poll, 54.4% of Comcast customers rate their experience with the company as negative. Ouch. How many other companies can claim that more than half their customers hate them?


That’s not rhetorical. Zogby can answer that question as well. Zero.

Comcast is also the only company to get the worst possible score from more than one in four (28.3%) of its own customers.

Comcast van

How long can Comcast survive with numbers that dismal? Zogby can’t answer that one, but Disney CEO Bob Iger threw out an interesting number.

He says he can see Disney Channel and ESPN bypassing cable providers like Comcast with a standalone streaming option—although he thinks it’s at least five years away.

Five years? Dude, you’re going to put out four new Star Wars movies and 57 more Marvel superhero flicks by then! HBO Now is already here. How many more companies will beat you to the punch over the next five years?

Comcast south park

PS: If you’re wondering about satellite TV, DirecTV came in #2 on the list of companies hated by its customers, while Dish Network was #4. (Bank of America was sandwiched in-between, so it’s not just TV carriers we hate.)

PPS: AT&T’s U-Verse was #6, right behind AT&T’s cell business.

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