IT Crowd and Bewitched on our latest list of remakes being developed for TV right now

Originality be damned… again! Who’d have guessed just eight days after our last roundup of reboots and remakes being developed for the bewb tube we’d have collected enough for yet another list?

Here are the latest, from most promising to least:

1. The IT Crowd

For a second time, NBC is attempting to remake the over-the-top zany BBC sitcom for American audiences. The original British version turned Chris O’Dowd into a star as an IT guy stuck in the basement of a mega-corporation with a clueless manager and a lovably awkward co-worker. (Imagine if Leonard and Sheldon were trapped in a Dilbert strip.) NBC’s first attempt featured Joel McHale, whose above-it-all smirk was completely wrong for a bumbling, unhip, put-upon nerd. (You can watch the entire unaired pilot at the bottom of this story.) The new version will be developed by Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan, who were exec producers for Scrubs and Community. Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence is also on board as exec producer.


2. Rush Hour

Just like the movie, a stoic ninja cop from Hong Kong gets teamed with wise-crackin’ African-American detective in San Francisco. Hilarity and kung fu ensue. The showrunner is Blake McCormick, who previous produced for Cougar Town and King of the Hill. He’ll co-write the pilot with co-exec producer Bill Lawrence, who (as previous mentioned) created Scrubs, as well as Cougar Town and Spin City.

3. Bewitched

From the same producers as the disastrous Will Ferrell movie, the new TV reboot would stick to the original show’s premise of an affable goober married to a super-hot witch. The same folks tried this before in 2011 and failed; hopefully they will again. Just because it’s now the 50th anniversary of the show doesn’t mean the time is any closer to right. Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein will co-write; their previous collaborations include The Vow, Valentine’s Day, and He’s Just Not That Into You.

4. Lost in Space

Speaking of disastrous movie adaptations, Lost in Space is coming back to TV if the writers of Dracula Untold have anything to say about it. Also exec producing are Kevin Burns (of Ancient Aliens and various Playboy playmate reality shows) and Peter Johnson (of Nikita, Supernatural, and Chuck).

The original American IT Crowd pilot with Joel McHale:

The IT Crowd (US Pilot) by FreakStyler

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