VIDEO: Crash and Burn (1990)

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One of the early Full Moon movies.

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  • Sykes

    Me likey Megan Ward.

  • Oh the 90s, that was a decade where I watched a shitload of B-grade movies including this one.

  • Moppet

    I vaguely remember another ‘western’ giant robot movie from around the time (Besides Robot Jox), that I can never remember the name of. I wondered if it was this, when I saw your review up, but it seems it wasn’t. Wish I could recall the name of that one, its style reminded me of Robot Jox quite a bit. I was sort of surprised about the build up of the mech only for it to get a little screen time here and there. It was kind of neat though, oddities like the main character not seeing the issue with the thumb – yet knowing about it – aside.

    It makes me wonder if the sex scene replaced another scene, right there, where he was supposed to be somewhere else and finding out about the infected thumb. The woman turning out to be a synthoid begs the question why she doesn’t kill him when they sleep together, and part of me figures it’s because the script may not have originally intended for that scene to exist. I could be wrong. I know nothing about the film’s making. It just seems like the sex scene must have replaced another scene. Either all that or just plain inconsistent writing. You be the judge.

  • Moppet

    Ooh found it, it was called Robot Wars:

  • Wait, so the big pivotal clue was only possible because they were all cutting themselves with the same knife- which they also didn’t fully disinfect each time it was used? O_o Was there some in-universe reason why this wasn’t a big deal? (like, was Hepatitis B, et al completely eradicated from the world??)

  • Thomas Stockel

    I remember seeing this film on cable, but I can’t remember the host. I remember them talking about Full Moon and I dug the movie, although I’ll be honest, I missed the big clue about the guy not sweating. And you know, I should have seen it. I remember way back on The Six Million Dollar Man when Steve is confronted by two Oscar Goldmans, he figures out the robot is the one not sweating.

    Anyway, great review, Cecil!