Cramming New Ads into Old Music Videos… Or, These Singers Weren’t Using Their Artist Integrity Anyway

Cramming New Ads into Old Music Videos... Or, These Singers Weren't Using Their Artist Integrity Anyway

Courtesy: Rolling Stone

Still watch music videos? Someone must, because Grand Marnier liqueur is paying big bucks to go back and insert its billboards in the background of old videos.

Per Rolling Stone:

Ninety seconds into the video for Darius Rucker’s 2012 hit “True Believers,” we see the former Hootie and the Blowfish frontman standing in front of a billboard for Grand Marnier liqueur. It’s a pretty benign-looking shot, until you realize that the billboard never actually existed – it was added digitally earlier this year, roughly two years after the video first aired.

Look at the Darius Rucker example closely enough and you’ll realize that billboard is only visible to people standing on that rooftop because it’s facing inward towards the building. Which still makes slightly more since than this giant poster in a… empty municipal building? Low-rent cube farm?

Courtesy: Rolling Stone

Courtesy: Rolling Stone

For the record, this Grand Marnier ad disappeared from the video one day after Rolling Stone called to inquire about it.

We’ve seen this kind of retroactive product placement before in sitcoms, especially How I Met Your Mother

himym product placement

…but this is more sophisticated, allowing the ads to have a shelf life where they’ll be removed or replaced after a certain date. Levi’s and other companies are taking advantage of this in-music video advertising opportunity as well.


The company behind the ads reminds us that someone has to pay for all this free content you’re getting and that “someone” is advertisers so quit yer bitchin’ if you wanna keep watching music videos without paying for the privilege.

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