Cover Your Body In Benghazi, Just Like God Intended

Cover Your Body In Benghazi, Just Like God Intended

Do you feel like you’re not honoring America’s fallen heroes, the Benghazi four, enough? Would you like to honor them EVEN WHILE YOU SLEEP? Do you like to wear the kind of pajamas children wear, so you can feel sweaty and restricted by your sleepwear? “Frecklesfuncat” on Cafepress has got you covered!

Yes, for a mere $75, you can clad your entire body in fuzzy memories of Benghazi, and the Benghazi rage can sink into you while you sleep.

Not feeling the footies? Sleep in the nude? Feeling so mad that you’re kind of incoherent about what you’re actually angry about? Try this lovely thong so your vag can shout at your potential sexual partners about how mad you are at Bamz.


Too modest for thongazi? How about a bodysuit that screeches about Bamz’ lies?


Menz, you are probably feeling so left out of the underthings action, but you shouldn’t be, because you can wear Dick Cheney right next to your dick. Not on your dick, because that would be gay.


Get your kids in on the action also too, because you don’t want them to grow up without feeling a white-hot rage at a made-up scandal. Start ’em early with this baby blanket!


Finally, make sure that the family dog is a walking advertisement for your breathless irrational anger and make sure the world knows you can’t spell.


[Frecklesfuncat – CafePress]

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