VIDEO: Countdown to Marvel’s Secret Wars

Sybil explains why you shouldn’t worry about Marvel’s upcoming reboot/crossover event, and describes a world where everyone is Howard the Duck.

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  • Thomas Stockel

    I think my greatest hope is that when the smoke clears we get an Iron Man we can actually like, and not the string of douche bags we’ve been saddled with since Civil War.

    • I disagree with your measure of his actions. I have found him to at the very least be consistent with his desire to be proactive and in control of things (except when Editorial was scared that nobody knew who the Guardians of the Galaxy were and had Tony fly around space with them for no good reason so as to promote their comic… Which is another in a long line of silly thinking… But whatever).

      • Thomas Stockel

        I remember getting heatedly involved in these debates on Marvel message boards with fans who were quite prepared to defend the character even after Clor and his sleeping with She Hulk after exiling her cousin into space and not telling her. Tony’s many flaws seem to be this huge blind spot with some people and they seem prepare to forgive him for any sin, up to and including erasing Captain America’s memory when he wasn’t prepared to play ball. But hey, it isn’t the first time he did something like that.

        His wanting to be in control of things is what makes him a prick, right down to doing unethical or immoral things like cloning Thor and sleeping with She Hulk after he launched her cousin into space without telling her, or erasing Captain America’s memory. Stark is a tool, pure and simple. An elitist prick who thinks he should be able to do whatever he wants because being the smartest guy in the room gives him a free pass.

        • I am basically on the complete other side. I actually found the cloning Thor thing to be a good idea, same with hero registration, maintaining the Illuminati, keeping control of the Infinity gems, and especially exiling Hulk (I have found pretty much all developments with Hulk since his return have been progressively more sucky). And most of those actions he did as part of a group, he does not make the decisions alone, he is one of many smart people in the room.

          I don’t even think of the She-Hulk thing as bad. He sleeps with lots of women and doesn’t tell them all about everything he does to save the world.

          • Thomas Stockel

            “I don’t even think of the She-Hulk thing as bad. He sleeps
            with lots of women and doesn’t tell them all about everything he does to
            save the world.”

            Words have utterly failed me. Okay, I’m done commenting on this thread with you.

        • Solkir

          They’ve kinda dropped all pretense in Superior Iron Man, and had him go full blown supervillain after Axis. He’s turned all of San Fransisco into wage slaves in his cult of personality.

  • Wizkamridr

    Countdown to superman vs batman vs wonderwoman vs cyborg vs aquaman. You were talking about d.c. correct?

  • I was not aware of the levels of foreshadowing and planning, I guess I had some intuitive spider-sense of it but put no hard effort into pondering the subject. Now that I see it as distinct from New 52 from your examinations my anxieties have been dissolved.