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Joey watches Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, starring the voice of Johnny Depp (who else?) as a shy groom who practices his wedding vows near a grave and ends up married to a murdered bride, voiced by Helena Bonham Carter (who else?). This is one of Joey’s favorite Burton films, and he explains why it’s basically the grown-up version of Burton’s other famous stop motion film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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  • Brewerman

    It’s been considered the last great Tim burton movie and I tend to agree. It was nice to not only see Burton do an original piece, but also a stop-motion animated feature too. As I’ve said before, this could easily have won the 2005 best animated feature Oscar if not for Wallace and Gromit Curse Of the Were-Rabbit, which was also stop motion (we wait ages for one stop motion nominee and two come along at once, the late buses of the Oscars!) but then again, they’re Aardman. They rule all!

    • Tedzey71

      I never liked “curse of the wererabbitt.” I’ll take “A Grand Day Out” and “The Wrong Trousers” over that movie any day :/

  • Monterey Jack

    I’d considering Sweeney Todd the last great Burton movie, but I also loved Corpse Bride. She’s one comely cadaver…

    • Tedzey71

      I like Sweeney Todd as well, and it did come out after Corpse Bride so it’s fair to say it’s his latest good movie (I still like Corpse Bride more).

  • a great cartoon would be a version of Wacky Races, starring the Agony Booth reviewers, lol:) what kind of cars would they all have?

    • Tedzey71

      Here are a few I came up with. Feel free to change or add more:

      Penelope Pitstop= SofieDick Dastardly= Mr. Mendo
      Fear Fan and Cecil= The Gruesome Twosome
      The Ant Hill Mob= Me and a bunch of my cousins

      One of my favorite cartoons as a kid!

  • Dennis Fischer

    Joey, stop motion was a technique dating back to the silent era and the earliest shorts of Willis O’Brien.  There does seem a large history of stop motion animated movies that you seem unaware of.  A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS did revive the technique, but it was there in early films of Rankin-Bass such as THE DAYDREAMER and MAD MONSTER PARTY?, as well as the films of Jan Svankmajer including ALICE and FAUST, as well as THE KING’S NIGHTINGALE and others.

    Jiri Trnka, Kihachiro Kawamoto, the Quay Brothers, Jiri Barta, Dave Borthwick’s SECRET ADVENTURES OF TOM THUMB are all worth checking out if you’re going to comment on the whole history of stop motion animated movies.  The marvelous Karel Zeman’s WONDERFUL WORLD OF JULES VERNE would not be near so sublime without its stop motion sequences.  There’s a great world of adult-oriented animation you should get to know.

    • Tedzey71

      To be honest with you, that’s what I indicated. I wanted to provide a brief recount of stop motion that wasn’t going to take up the whole review. I could dedicate a whole video to stop motion animation and it wouldn’t do it justice. I’m fully aware that the medium has a rich history, but I was specifically speaking for the short films as opposed to the features. Feature length films in stop motion previous to the 90s’ is pretty obscure, international and not as mainstream as hand drawn animation. 
      Though I do plan on tackling some of the Quay brothers work :)