VIDEO: Coraline (2009) vs. ParaNorman (2012)

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The Animated Heroine discovers a small door in her apartment that leads to a magical land of Coraline cosplay, green screens, and talking cats! She also looks at two of her favorite animated films to find out which one is superior.

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  • msgundam2

    You know what that cat sounds like? A person with a bad mic. Oh god at least get a pop filter. I feel head pain every time the cat talks.

  • Cristiona

    Yeah, it kinda sounded like he was trying to eat the mic when he was talking. I’ll admit, I ended up mostly skiping the intro, but Ive never been a fan of review skits.
    That being said, the review itself was fantastic and I think you did a great job breaking the two films down. I also think you were pretty spot on with Coraline’s weaknesses. I had many of the same problems you did, and I still haven’t read the source material.

    • TheAnimatedHeroine

      Thanks 🙂 Yeah, there were some issues I definitely have to work on if I decide to ever do something like this again.

  • JD

    did Neil Gaiman write both of these?

    • TheAnimatedHeroine

      No, just Coraline.

      • JD

        Hmm The trailers for paranorman sort of looked like they could have been scenes from The graveyard book. guess not though