Cop Rock: "Let's Be Careful Out There"

Cop Rock (1990)

Here at the Agony Booth, we work our hardest to bring you the absolute state of the art in snark. Whether its computer-animated superheroes, Starfleet personnel, or twelve year-old Canadian girls, we’re on top of their every move.

But there’s been something missing, something that I swore I would recap from the very first moment I saw this place: Cop Rock. It was, after all, the worst TV show ever made.

Or was it?

I have no idea.

The thing is, you can’t get Cop Rock anywhere. It’s not on VHS. It’s not on DVD. It’s not on Blu-ray or that other thing that isn’t Blu-ray. There is no bit nor torrent (none that look safe, anyway). Cop Rock is almost entirely missing from the archeological record. It’s almost as if someone were purposefully trying to hide it.

But you can find traces of it. In reviews and on websites, you can piece together episodes, characters, even a sense of some of the plots. And in one place, you can find a short clip or two, providing a small glimpse into what it must have been like, all those years ago.

You ask for miracles, I give you Yahoo Video. Stick around until the end of this article, and you might just get a small glimpse yourself.

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