Cool New Storage Locker Makespace Will Disrupt Your Stuff Right Out Of Your House

Cool New Storage Locker Makespace Will Disrupt Your Stuff Right Out Of Your House

When you store your stuff, do you just want to put it in any old storage locker? Of course you don’t! You want to change the game and disrupt the paradigm and thought leader your stuff into storage, because you are very modern. That’s why you’ll use Makespace to hold your old tennis shoes and b-school textbooks instead of some boring non-synergized storage place.

So Makespace is a thing that will store your stuff in bins and then bring your stuff back to you when you want it, which is so far so good and sounds like a normal thing people in places like New York or San Francisco might need.

Once you sign up through the app or website, you request plastic bins ($25/month for 4 bins, with $6.25 for each additional bin), which are sent to your home. You pack your extra stuff up (oversized stuff like snowboards or furniture is extra), it’s taken away by a MakeSpace truck and stored in a warehouse outside of the city, and you can request bins back whenever you want for $29. That’s about the cost of a round-trip cab ride, says Rosen.

That sounds not stupid! What IS stupid, however, is the people at Makespace explaining their storage business.

Mark Suster, an investor in the service, describes it as the reverse of Amazon.

While Amazon blew away existing physical distribution channels to deliver products to you, we are blowing away existing physical infrastructure to help you store the things you want to keep – just not at your home.

They also persist in describing it as Dropbox or cloud storage for your stuff, which is pretty much unforgivable. You are a fancy storage unit, Makespace. The only differences between using you and Joe Bob’s Big Storage ‘R’ Us is that you cost way more and you’ll bring our stuff back to us (for an additional fee, of course) on demand. Oh, and you’ll take photos of our stuff that we can name with cutesy labels.


Would you like to know how much startup moniez these people have for a glorified storage locker? Would you? It is $8 million and now you want to kill yourself dead because you didn’t think of this first. Do you want to kill yourself even more? Dude got $100K JUST FOR THINKING UP THE IDEA.

When Rosen hinted at the idea for MakeSpace over coffee in 2012, he was still “noodling” with the idea of cloud storage for physical stuff; Suster thought it was such a brilliant idea that–even without an actual business plan–he gave Rosen $100,000 to make MakeSpace happen, and brought him aboard as Upfront’s first “entrepreneur in residence.”

Everything is terrible. Burn down Silicon Valley and start over.

[Fast Company/Tech Crunch]

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  • Jus_Wonderin

    Can you keep your weed in it? And, what is the kilo capacity?

  • Annie Towne

    Well, he can keep his $100k if I can have that storage container full of money.

  • Joline Z

    What are you doing? Blowing away physical infrastructure. Enter the FBI.

  • BMW

    So…people are bragging online about what they store through this place? Does their warehouse also have a big sign in front that says “Please rob us”?

  • george gonzalez

    Uh, dude should have looked around. There have been services like that for years. Like “PODS”. Not an endorsement. But our jerk of a neighbor used them and then he moved away, so that was good.

    • Rex Thorne

      This is like PODS, but smaller containers so you can categorize your crap and recall just the bits you want. It’s much like a record retention center, but it stores more than documents. They’re going to burn through all that cash and go out of business. I wonder how people get their crap back when it inevitably folds.

  • Fitzgerald Chesterfield

    Do they have their own warehouse, or are they just taking your shit to Joe Bob’s Big Storage ‘R’ Us?

  • Anything to make the world more amendable to me never having to leave my home.

  • ryp

    I could see this working if it were combined with an ebay store where you could have them sell the shit once you realized you didn’t need it. Can I have my $100,000 now?

  • docterry6973

    Do they ignore the smell of bodliy decomposition? Asking for a friend.

    • zerosumgame0005

      they do if they noes wht’s good for em. know what I mean? fuggedaboutit

  • JaaaaaCeeeee

    wait, so people, who can’t afford to rent or own enough space for their crap, are the target customers who’ll pay orders of magnitude more than self storage, paying by the bin? At least they’ll can feel rich for an instant, when they snap their fingers at the guy they just paid extra, to a bin back.