Campus Reform: Sexy Beyonce Video Shown In College Class, World Coming To An End

Campus Reform: Sexy Beyonce Video Shown In College Class, World Coming To An End

You probably noticed that Beyonce dropped a record four months ago with 17 videos, many of which show Beyonce being sexy! This is a thing many of us are in favor of, but conservative fearmongers Campus Reform are breathless with consternation about how some students watched it in a class and this probably means academic freedom is dead or all the students are now gay for Beyonce or whatever it is that Campus Reform worries about.

First, let’s watch the video and decide for ourselves! TRIGGER WARNING AND SPOILER ALERT AND PRO-TIP: The video has some sexy lyrics (though no swears) and many many many much footage of Beyonce in very little clothing (though not actually naked) so if that is the kind of thing your work frowns upon, do not blame us when you are fired for watching it in your cube.


And we’re back. WE SAID WE’RE BACK! You can stop watching the video now, as that’s your ninth time doing so. So what is Campus Reform mad at, exactly?

A lecturer at Binghamton University taught students that Beyoncé is a feminist hero for dancing partially naked and giving graphic descriptions of sex acts in a music video because it calls on the viewer to respect women.

Kevin Allred told students that the song “Partition,” which includes lyrics such as “Oh he so horny, yeah he wanted to fuck,” and “He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown,” inspires people to take action against negative stereotypes of black women.

Stupid lecturer. Everybody knows that you cannot be naked and sexy and talk about being sexy and still be a feminist. Geez.

Unfortunately, the lecturer’s lesson about WHY this is feminist leaves a bit to be desired, because his explanation is both boring AND incoherent.

“It does make a feminist statement … because it does reenact the stereotype, but it does it for a purpose, to point out that we’re all kind of to blame for that stereotype and we all have a responsibility to change the stereotype and do something better about it,” Allred said in an interview with Campus Reform on Friday.

We do not even know what that means, really, even though we already agree with the idea that Bey is making some feminist statements with her new-ish album, many of which are about empowerment and female desire and taking charge of your own sexuality. Here, let’s show this lecturer how to break down this video, feminist-stylee.

The video is, if you would pay attention, Campus Reform and less-than-compelling lecturer, Beyonce’s fantasy. The vid opens — and closes — with a fancy-looking breakfast scene. You know it is fancy because there is a toast rack on the table, which is the staple of all fancy breakfasts in movies and teevee forever. Bey is in a robe and is watching the person across the table, adjusts her robe to show a little more skin, and then we’re off to the races with Beyonce fantasizing about making the limo driver roll up the partition because things are getting hot and heavy in the backseat. Thus, the gaze on Bey throughout the video is her own construct of her sexiness and her body and the male (or female! equal time here, people!) gaze upon her body.

See? That was not hard. Look at us doing feministing feministm feminist analysis all up in here!

Before we go, let us all take a collective moment to grumble and cry about how no one showed US sexy videos in class, especially in classes about feminism, where the closest we got was probably looking at Judy Chicago’s ‘The Dinner Party,’ which, while awesome, is not quite as fapworthy as this. UNFAIR.

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