Coming Attractions: New York Mythological from People You Know!

ny mthological himymGood news for sitcoms fans: Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, the creative team behind How I Met Your Mother, are retuning to CBS with a new New York-based comedy. Could it be How I Met Your Father? Good guess, but no. That sure fire retread got put on hold after some recasting. According to Deadline, this new new show centers on a young woman from the Midwest “who experiences firsthand the magic of New York.”

ny mythological friends

Typical New York sitcom apartment is magically three times the size of a real apartment and one-tenth the rent.

Do they mean magic as in finding a parking space on the good side of the street on an alternate parking day, or do they mean magic magic? (Like finding that space ALL the time.) Maybe they mean the usual magical New York City of television. It’s the town where the newcomer always finds a rent-controlled apartment, which comes with a wacky or possibly sociopathic roommate or neighbor who’ll become our plucky heroine’s bestie, which is a good thing because he or she knows the ropes and can help teach important life lessons. (We think Neil Patrick Harris may be available when his live show tanks.)

They'll learn some very special lessons from each other.

They’ll learn some very special lessons from each other.

Maybe she’ll go from awkward newbie to fashionista in five seasons like Ugly Betty? Will our girl stumble into a job – probably at a coffeehouse like the way Rachel on Friends or June on Don’t Trust the B? Or maybe she’ll wind up working for quirky rich people with children like Fran on The Nanny or that poor girl what got kidnapped and held hostage for fifteen years.

Coming Attractions: New York Mythological from People You Know!

Plucky heroine lands on her feet supported by magical gay best friend and quirky rich boss.

But surely the people who tried to sell a new comedy exactly like their previous one after gender reassignment, wouldn’t try to fob off a weary formula that is now played for irony? Perhaps the title will give us a clue. The new series will be called New York Mythological. So taking into account the usual job, apartment, and friends tropes — what might a truly “mythological” New York comedy look like? Here are some random thoughts (of your humble recapper, and in no related to what the producers will have in mind):

  1. After falling for an apartment scam, our girl will be taken in by strange but friendly creatures that live in underground castles accessed through subway tunnels. (Sort of like what happened to that pretty assistant distract attorney on Beauty and the Beast, only intentionally funny.)
  2. These are secret castles, so hilarity ensues when her quirky coworkers want to visit. (They think she won’t tell them where she lives because she lives in Queens.)
  3. After the coffeehouse loses its lease, she finds a job as a babysitter/personal assistant to Zeus and Hera Acropolis. Zeus is a little handsy, and Hera has quite the temper!
  4. Wait a minute, in mythological New York, the coffeehouse would never lose its lease!
  5. After leaving Hobbitland and finding the requisite magically affordable apartment, her kindly “fairy godmother” landlady turns out to really be her fairy godmother. They were going to make her a guardian angel but CBS already met their quota.
  6. She’ll fall in love with the rich handsome Charlie M. (“Charm”) Prince who is engaged to someone terrible, and/or has a wicked stepmother.
  7. She’ll always get a taxi immediately, even when it’s raining.

Feel free to add your own thoughts about what would make a New York sitcom magical. Our comments are below after the ads that you should definitely click.

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