Come Watch Seth Meyers Remind Us Yet Again How Racist And Awful Donald Sterling Is

Seth Meyers took on Donald Sterling last night on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” with his “Couple Things” segment, which is actually more like seven things, but it takes that many things to talk about how bad Donald Sterling is. Meyer points out that Sterling is not a subtle racist like many old people you have to spend Thanksgiving with, oh nosiree. Sterling is baldly racist. He is Mr. Clean levels of bald racist. Also, too, Meyers points out that if Sterling wants to avoid black people, perhaps owning a hockey team or the band Steely Dan is a better bet.

Most importantly, Seth is the first to notice that one of the terrible things about Donald Sterling is that he has “otter posture.”

 Come Watch Seth Meyers Remind Us Yet Again How Racist And Awful Donald Sterling Is

Yeah, pretty much right.


Come to think of it, though, we’d take the otter any day. Can otters buy basketball teams? Let’s get on making that happen.

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  • $160578

    I know cognitively that people are people and that there’s good and bad in every group, but it still depresses me when a Jew is such a rancid bigot.Is it bigotry to be disappointed when an individual who is one of a people you’ve put on a pedestal has feet of clay?

    • msanthropesmr

      Being an asshole is an equal opportunity employer.

    • willi0000000

      it’s what happens whenever you see a group as anything except as a collection of individuals. there will always be, at least, one idiot with whatever characteristic you used to select that group.[there is only one group that i can think of that should be put on a pedestal and idolized – my children and my grands – but they just happen to be perfect]

      • $160578

        Yeah, that’s what I feared. I’m not a bigoted antisemite, I’m a bigoted philosemite.Sucks either way.

  • JoyP

    The otter doesn’t deserve this association.

  • Enfant Terrible

    Otter libel!

  • doktorzoom

    it’s true. I am the otter of my own fat.

  • docdonn

    I thought he might be racist when he fired Elgin Baylor after he found out he wasn’t British and then fired Vinny del Negro… well because