Come Watch Your Favorite Civil Rights Icon, John Lewis, Dance To Pharrell’s ‘Happy’

Come Watch Your Favorite Civil Rights Icon, John Lewis, Dance To Pharrell's 'Happy'

Today is the International Day of Happiness, and no one is happier than delightfully ageless Pharrell. First, there was the epic 24-hour version of his song “Happy.”

Then there was the Oscar performance of “Happy,” complete with getting Meryl Streep to shimmy.

All of this pales, however, in comparison to Representative John Lewis dancing to “Happy.”

Yes, that is the John Lewis you were thinking of. Venerable civil rights icon and all around badass and adorable 74-year-old, shaking his hips to Pharrell. Damn, but John Lewis knows how to move, and he even throws in a “break it down” and a few “uh uh uhs.” Also, John Lewis appears as mystified as we are by the lyric “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.”

Do you need to watch both videos of this? Oh yes you do.

Why? Because if you do not watch both, you’ll miss him going in for the extreme close up and telling you that he is happy, and you should be happy, and the job of the government is to make you happy. Damn straight. John Lewis is the best.

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  • Dragoon21b

    Just when you think John Lewis couldn’t possibly get any cooler….

  • crummett

    “Break it down, Congressman,” is a phrase you hardly ever hear in public.

  • Jane Gagle-Bennett

    There are some people who are just national treasures, and John Lewis is one. The Bull Conners’ Fred Phelps’ etc. of the world — they’ll be forgotten by time. It’s John Lewis and men and women like him who will long be remembered. Earlier, learning that this was Fred Rogers’ birthday I was glad to be reminded that one person can be a force for good in the world, in contrast to Fred Phelps.Thanks for another reminder of a good person doing good work in the world. Just think what we could have lost at that bridge in Alabama …

  • elpinche

    He’s getting so funky that he’s warping the time and space continuum around him.

  • Ambignostic

    I know we’re not supposed to think President Obama is cool. But it’s okay to think John Lewis is cool, right? Because I’m thinking that.