John Lewis Reads Maya Angelou, Because You Forgot To Cry Yesterday

Last night on CBS Evening News, they closed with a lovely little segment of famous — and non-famous — people reading snippets of Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.” We were worried that we were including a bit too much Maya, since we had two pieces yesterday, but then we remembered there is no such thing as too much Maya.


In the CBS video, there’s musicians Nile Rodgers and Wynton Marsalis, actors Billy Dee Williams and Tyne Daley, a predictably wooden-sounding John Kerry, and one of our all-time favorite Congresspeople, John Lewis. Seriously, if you can make it through the bit where Lewis reads and then they cut to a picture of Martin Luther King without tearing up a bit, you are probably a monster in human form and we do not wish to know you.

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