VIDEO: Cold Fear (2005)

Just in time for Halloween (if you’re in the continental US, and watching literally in the next few hours), Roland takes a sidelong look at Cold Fear, another Resident Evil ripoff in the vein of Blue Stinger, Dino Crisis, or Deep Fear (two of which are exactly the same game as this), and realizes his irrational hatred of Ubisoft was pretty rational after all.

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  • Moppet

    Kind of sad, the basic visual idea of being stuck on a ship in the midst of a stormy strobe-lightning-lit night, on a boat filled with monsters has potential.Even the rocking of the boat, and the waves crashing across the deck could have been put to go and interesting use. I suppose this just proves follow through is everything. It’s a bit sad that the idea wasn’t better executed.

    • Cristiona

      This mirrors my thoughts exactly. And as terrible as it is, it looks like it was still better than Deep Fear which was… interminable.

  • david f white

    Roland, which Grand theft auto is your favorite??

  • Sand Ripper

    The weather effects in this were great. And that’s about all that was great about this game. I thought they made a big mistake by taking the action off the freighter about 1/3 of the way through, since the ship levels were pretty atmospheric (when you were outside, that is).

    The puzzles were also really lazy “Find the key so you can open a door to get another key” type. I’m not sure why they even bothered with puzzles at all.

    And not only is there no map, but the levels are all really maze-like and it’s easy to get lost.

    I didn’t hate this game; it had its moments. Resident Evil: Revelations is the better “RE on a ship” title, though.