Beardo Stephen Colbert Highlights Florida Gun Hero’s Brave Stand Against Civility (Video)

A strangely be-bearded Stephen Colbert introduced us to a great American hero in this ‘Difference Makers” segment on Monday’s Colbert Report: meet Doug Varrieur of Big Pine Key, Florida, a gentleman who loves his Second Amendment rights so much that he exercises them all the time, shooting at a 12-square-foot target. In his yard. Right next to his neighbors’ houses, and next to a heavily-traveled canal. Oh, sure, going to an indoor gun range might be “safer.” But he takes precautions — his elderly mom watches for traffic, and she’s not worried about ricochets. And because this is Florida, can’t nobody stop him.

This is one of those beautifully American stories about how rugged individualism — and one man’s determination to be an asshole — wins the day over irrelevancies like the neighbors’ wimpy desire to not be hit by stray bullets. Ah, Freedom.

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  • Ron

    Someone should tell them, down in Florida, that the only relevant words in the Second Amendment are “keep” and “bear”. Nobody has a constitutional right to “use” or “shoot”. By the way, why do I have to pay for a gun?

  • (((JustPixelz)))

    The Tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots, tyrants, bystanders, school children and shoppers.

    • glasspusher

      I water the tree of liberty with my tears, each time I dice onions.

    • Spurning Beer

      The Tree of Liberty seems to like the nitrogen from my dogs’ urine, too.

  • justamakanik

    This guy would be the first to bitch about his neighbors doing the same thing, because nobody is, in his opinion I’m sure, nearly as smart or clever as himself. Could you imagine putting such responsibilities as building a “safe” backyard shooting range in the hands of stupid neighbors?

  • What struck me was how gleeful he was about it. I wonder if he’ll change his tune when a stray bullet takes out a neighbor’s window. Or worse.

  • glasspusher

    I don’t care if he has tactical nukes, if he was my neighbor I’d ream him a new one. I give grief to my neighbors who don’t take care of their barking dogs or are downhill from me with smoky chimneys. This guy would be one more notch on my Louisville Slugger (speak softly…).

  • gingerland62

    Florida-the state most Americans would like to see secede.

  • Rick Hill

    If I was his neighbor I would feel very threatened and scared for my life. By Florida law it would be okey dokey for me to preempt his shooting of me or mine by shooting him. Maybe it’s not so bad after all, streamlines the justice system and no lawyers get paid…

  • Antonin Dvorak

    The Achmed-the-dead-terrorist t-shirt really instills confidence.

  • PNUT1

    Two words, house, fire.