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This week: Cher as proto-Elle Woods, struggling through Emma, class struggle in Emma, and overuse of the word “curmudgeon”. [Editor’s note: You may understand this video better if you know that Clueless is allegedly loosely based on the Jane Austen novel Emma.]

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  • The main thing I recall from watching Clueless back in the 90s is the frequent use of those mobile phones which at the time I watched seemed sooo pretentious, but since then, mobile phones have become quite universal and even my stance on mobile phones have changed.

    • Jill Bearup

      When I was a teenager, I took a quiz in a magazine which told me that because I was a ‘sporty girl’ rather than a ‘high maintenance girl’ (What do these even mean???) I should have a pager rather than a mobile phone.

      Oh, the 90s/00s. You were occasionally delightfully bizarre.

      • And to think that all it took for me to start using mobile phones is the addition of an MP3 player back in 2000.

  • Muthsarah

    You’re recommending the Paltrow Emma (admittedly, with qualifications)? Have you seen the Beckinsale version? Or the WONderful miniseries with Romola Garai that came out a few years ago? I haven’t read the novel, but, since the miniseries is, like three or four hours long, it definitely FEELS like the novel has the room to breathe. It shows so much more…stuff…than the other versions, and…well…it just seems to make a lot more sense. There’s especially a lot more time to explore the characters and their arcs, and that’s kinda like the biggest part of the story (and most of the other Austens, actually…). It blows the other versions out of the water. It’s…probably my second-favorite Austen film adaptation. Even over S&S, which also had a miniseries, which felt, again, more substantial and…room-having than the Thompson version. Just, obviously, without that dynamite cast. Still worth a look, and not just to completionists.

    Obviously, as I’m a huge fan of the P&P miniseries (it’s just about the most perfect viewing experience), it stands to reason that I’d be a big fan of another Austen miniseries. It’s…just…the perfect format for ANY story. But…still…big recommendation, to anyone who likes P&P ’95. And I didn’t think the characters were annoying at all in it. I guess they smoothed out the rough edges same as the earlier (shorter, inferior) versions. Like everyone agrees with you on the novel. Maybe I’m better off not having read it.

    • Jill Bearup

      Haven’t seen either of those, but hey, if I find them, I shall give them a go on the strength of that recommendation. 🙂

  • You know what this episode actually did for me? I now have a desire to hear you talk about the Buffyverse. Two points if you know what the connection is…

    • Jonathan Campbell

      They are both a TV series based off of a movie about high school students?