Classic MST3K coming to PBS?

mst3k cat

Is Mystery Science Theater 3000 coming to a PBS station in your neighborhood? American Public Television is shopping a handful of classic episodes to local affiliates to see how much interest is out there. And The A.V. Club thinks it’s a perfect fit:

Public television and Mystery Science Theater 3000 might seem strange bedfellows at first, but let’s consider the facts: Both entities make good use of puppets, and both have a thing for endearingly cheap science-fiction. And what is Downton Abbey’s Dowager Countess if not the riff-slinging Crow T. Robot of post-Edwardian England?

Perhaps the most famous MST3K of all time is among the bunch: Manos: The Hands of Fate could soon be punctuated throughout with pleas for the generous donations of viewers like you, which is something I always thought it was missing. If you agree, shoot an email to your local PBS programming director to let them know the show still has an audience.


In an unrelated turn of events, my personal all-time favorite MST3K is available online in its entirety! Legally? I hope so, because I’m posting it here. At least until I get a take down notice.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the movie that truly captures the grandeur of white guys walking in herds: Danger! Death Ray (“But I built the death ray for peaceful purposes!”)

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