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    Fittingly for a star of his magnitude, Mickey Rooney’s final role was an appearance on Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos, where he portrayed the Sombrero Galaxy.Many will also recall Rooney’s long-running series of comedy sketches on 60 Minutes, portraying a whimsically eccentric opinion columnist with huge fakey eyebrows. More seriously: I had plumb forgot that he was the voice of Santa Claus in those Rankin-Bass animated specials! With Paul Frees as Burgomeister Meisterburger? Then there was that one scene where he learned to do the Santa Laugh, and it went on forever, with the creepy puppet eyes fixed on infinity. Pure nightmare fuel.it’s always a pleasure to browse the IMDb page of a trouper like this. Mickey Rooney voiced the Fox in Disney’s The Fox and The Hound? Westerns, surf movies, The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery… He played a demon in The Devil in Love, an Italian movie directed by Ettore Scola… He was in The Extraordinary Seaman, which I admit I just think is funny because of the name.So long, Mister Rooney. You put on a hell of a show. Give Judy a big hug for us.RIP Mickey Rooney (Extraordinary Seaman), 1920-2014.