VIDEO: The Cinema Slob's 2012 Year in Review

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From the makers of the Cinema Slob Christmas Special, it’s the Cinema Slob’s 2012 Year in Review! Watch as the Slob, or “Zach” as he is sometimes known, reminisces with his friend Steve about all the movies they saw last year, including John Carter, 21 Jump Street, Hunger Games, Ted, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Watch, The Avengers, and more!

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  • Thomas Stockel

    I’m the cheap bastard who won’t see The Hobbit in theaters because I feel New Line is trying to suck more money out of me, so it is saying something when I saw a movie twice in the theater.  The Avengers is the first time I’ve done this in, well, forever.  But I will relent and see The Hobbit today at a matinee.  For $5 I guess I can relent. 🙂

    • Cinema_Slob

      I enjoyed it despite not really being a “fan” of that whole franchise. Steve keeps insisting he’s going to sit me down and force me to watch the LotR trilogy, A Clorkwork Orange style one of these days.