VIDEO: Cinderella (2006)

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Count Jackula and Horror Guru discuss Bong Man-dae’s Korean horror film Cinderella.

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  • danbreunig

    Here’s a little something offbeat I noticed from the Cinderella film here:

    I saw a couple parallels to Lord Of The Flies.

    The book and first movie (and the second movie version to a lesser extent) show the cast of stranded boys reacting both orderly and savagely to the lives they lived beforehand in a formal school academy setting during wartime. Their behaviors and actions are based on what’s expected of them in their civilized world, thus the boys either try to keep order and some status quo or go their own way and become wild savages in unconscious rebellion to their upbringing. The thing is they ultimately become victims of their social structure, much like what you indicated with the characters in the Cinderella movie. Well, I saw that similarity at least.

    The other was simply the scenes with the two girls slicing each others’ faces–just made me think of Jack, Roger, and their guys’ group painting each other with blood from recently killed pigs.

    Oh, and best of luck to you guys with your upcoming movie!

    • Jack Shen

      Thanks for the good wishes on All Critics Must Die! I’m interested in what you said, can you elaborate?

      • danbreunig

        Elaborate? I thought I did. The parallel I was talking about was how the Cinderella girls are a reflection of the Korean pop culture beauty concept, or rather the unconscious desire to adapt to that culture, and by self-mutilation in this case. That made me think of Lord Of The Flies because of some of the boys wanting to adapt to savage island life and not fully being aware of how changing into that life affects them. The mutilation part would be the one group of boys hunting and killing pigs regularly (i.e. mutilating their moral code), and eventually getting carried away to the point of whipping themselves up in a frenzy and spear-stabbing to death one of the other kids. It’s one of those all-time classic books that nearly everyone knows at one point or another, like somewhere along the way you pick up on Huckleberry Finn or 1984, either by reading for a class, reading on your own time, or just knowing about it by all the hearsay and references others make about it. One image from one reminded me of one image from another, that’s really about it.

  • kennzeichen1d


    Cosmetic surgery is conducted on a bunch of girls who then die?

    This reminds me of “Les yeus san visage” (“Eyes without a face”)
    France, 1960.

    • Jack Shen

      Yes, there is a lot of themes from Eyes Without a Face, that are also in Cinderella. That’s actually a really good comparison.

      • Thomas Stockel

        Don’t forget that “classic” movie Looker, with Albert Finney, Susan Dey and James Colburn. In that he plays a plastic surgeon whose patients wind up dying. Not exactly a horror movie. Horrible, yes. Horror movie? Not so much.

        • Nine Breaker

          Oh man, Looker? That’s a blast from the past. Honestly, the only things I remember about the movie was the totally impractical but so badass “Looker” gun, the catchy theme song, and the fact it showed the subliminal commercials during the end credits.

  • Tim Terrell

    You already gave too much away by talking about the “unfair” fates in the movie.