VIDEO: Chrome AKA Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat

Roland continues to bring you weird things in The Budget Barrel! This time, it’s a review of Chrome (later re-released as Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat), a sci-fi shooter that’s basically a Far Cry clone, except it came out in 2003… a full year before Far Cry was released. Spooky!

Chrome was created by Techland, who became more well known recently for Dead Island, the tropical island zombie game. So, how does their seminal work, the nigh-ungoogleable Chrome (seriously, try to google “Chrome”, it does not work) stack up?

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  • Sand Ripper

    I enjoyed this game more than I thought I would. The wide-open levels were a nice change from all the corridor-crawler FPS titles of the time.

    There’ll probably never be a sequel, though. Techland seemed to have a habit of announcing games and then never making them (Chrome 2, Warhound, etc.).

    • I’d hoped they would dust it off, because of how successful Dead Island was. They even still call their game engine the “Chrome” engine. 

      Ah well, there was the prequel game. Different developer, but still decent.

  • “ungoogleable” You just invented a new word there.  Better patent it before someone else profits from it.  

    • Patent Pending! Nah, not really.

  • Ouch. Sounds like a VERY painful game to play. Or maybe it’s just that I’m ridiculously bad at FPS most of the time (though I kick ass in Skyrim. Go figure). Or maybe it’s just that I can’t stand listening to voice acting that bad for long periods of time. Or…maybe I’m just a snob. 😉

    The music sounds nice, though.

    Good review, as always! 🙂

    • Skyrim ain’t no FPS! 🙂

      The voice acting is an endearing kind of bad, and of course Duke Nukem as the main character is pretty sweet.

      • Holy cow, I can’t believe I called Skyrim an FPS. That’s probably the dumbest video game related thing I’ve said since I started playing video games. O_O I’m going to blame it on the medicine I’ve been having to take that messes with my head. *Facepalm self*

        Yeah…I meant first person in general, haha.

        I suppose the voice acting could be considered endearing. *shrug* And since I’ve never played a Duke Nukem game, his voice being that of the main character falls flat for me, haha.

        • Eheheheh. I got your meaning, but I DO love to troll.

          I can’t think of anything else Jon St. John has done that would be recognizable to the non-Duke-Nukem crowd. Something, I’m sure.

          • Probably, yeah. Let’s see…

            He was the voice of King Wrynn in WoW? I…I didn’t like any of the voice acting in WoW…oh, well, at least I’ve heard him somewhere. 😉

  • TheScottCSmith

    Great series.  I remember back in the day you could go to Gamestop and buy used PC games, I think I have in a box somewhere this game, along with games like “Chaser” and “Brute” and a myriad of low-budget titles.  Do you play on a rig running Windows XP? I’d assume many of these older titles are difficult to run on Windows 7, unless you pick up a copy from GOG.

    • This one runs just fine. But yeah a lot of the time I have to do some messing about to get things to run. Almost everything made for Windows XP(like Chrome and Chaser) will run just fine on Vista and 7. 

      Just about the only games I’ve had compatibility issues for are Timeline(Windows 2000, oh god that one was hard to run), and Enter the Matrix(PC version has some buuuugs).

      Back in the day was the best time. I loved buying PC games at the store. Wish you could still do that.

      • TheScottCSmith

        I live near a store called “Stuff” where you can buy used PC games.  Every month they offer 50% off depending on what color price tag is on the box.  A lot of times they’ll have old games in their original boxes…from back when games came in huge boxes and not just in DVD cases.  Ah, the memories! 

  • Cristiona

    Our lead has a very frog-like face.  Something about the lips and jaw are just wrong.
    As is that HUD.  I don’t play many FPS titles, but that thing just seems enormous, especially with the motion sensor (I assume) in the middle.

    • The_Stig

      I know, he always looks like he’s posing for a cell phone pic to share with his Twitter followers.