Help Us Feel All Grifty This Christmas With This Gorgeous Sarah Palin Gold Coin


If you know us at all, you know what big fans we are of Sarah Palin. Her folksiness speaks to us. She’s just so down home, which is what we love in a Fox News personality/ex-politician/scam artist. You also likely know that we are really really big believers in the gold standard because of our deep love for Ron Paul and our unexplained yet rabid dislike of the Federal Reserve. That’s why this 24-karat one ounce gold Sarah Palin coin is so high on our Christmas list.


This 1 oz. gold medallion honors Alaska’s Sarah Palin. As Alaska’s first woman Governor, she had a reputation of being against “business as usual”. She was thrust into the national spotlight when she was chosen to be John McCain’s vice presidential running mate. A donation from the sale of these medallions will be made to Wounded Warrior Project, helping seriously injured service members. The price for this 1 oz. pure gold medallion is $400.00 over the market price of gold, please call for quote. Order today before gold rises any further.

Rebecca has pointed out that these are such a bargain at this price that she’d like a ten-pack, which seems totally reasonable. Also, too, we’re very fond of the “a donation” language, because it lets us know that we really have no idea how much of the price of this magnificent medallion actually rolls on over to the charity, but given Sarah Palin’s solid history of honesty in donating and oh god we cannot even finish typing that sentence even as a joke.

Gold is just probably going to go up and up forever and ever just like this ad said and because that is how markets work so you better buy us all these coins ASAP so we can be rich rich rich.

[this gift idea courtesy of our very own Erik Schlittner, so go yell at him.]

[We have some delightful gifts on our Christmas list that don’t require you to get rid of every political principle you’ve ever had.]

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