Yes We Will Watch Christina Ricci Chew Some Scenery In This Lifetime Lizzie Borden Movie

Oh, Lifetime Television, television for women. Is that still their motto? We’re too lazy to look. Let’s just say it is. Apparently the thing ladies all really want to watch on the television right now are real life true fake true stories about long-ago murders, because we’ve apparently run out of new-ish murders to sensationalize.


Lifetime does not want to let us down, however, so they’ve reached all the way back to 1892 to bring you the Lizzie Borden story, Lizzie Borden Took An Ax, complete with Christina Ricci in the title role. We don’t know a damn thing about Lizzie Borden except the nursery rhyme and truth be told we always get it mixed up with the “I Don’t Like Mondays” murders because we are terrible people for not keeping track of this sort of thing.

Huh. We forgot that youngish Bob Geldof was sorta cute. Anyway, we digress. The Lizzie Borden movie is not about this, it is about Lizzie Borden because Christina Ricci is much too old to play a high school-aged murderess and has aged gracefully into thirty-something murderess. Success!

[hat tip Jezebel]

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