Exciting New Christian Flick ‘The Lock In Movie’ Does Not Look Terrifying But Does Look Terrifyingly Bad


Seriously you guys we cannot get enough of these Christian ooga booga movie trailers. The treacherously bad dialogue! The flimsy premise! The overwrought press releases! Today, we have The Lock In Movie.

Imagine your life being torn apart and the very wiring of your brain being changed by a seemingly innocent prank. This is what happens when three teenage boys are terrorized by demon activity after a “dirty magazine” is snuck into an overnight church event called a lock in. During the lock in, members of the youth group are “locked in” the church to have fun, play games, and get to know one another. In spite of the youth pastor’s attempt to intervene, the boys must come to terms with the pornographic images themselves in order to be truly freed from the demon.

Oooh, scary! Let’s take our sex-shaming to the next level, shall we? If you look at nekkid ladies or dudes or both, you will literally invite a demon into your church and it will hurt your friends. LITERALLY. And let’s make the sex demon a child! Yes, a child, because if a bloody-mouthed child doesn’t put you off your porn game, nothing will, apparently.

Ooh, ooh we have an idea! Pick us! Pick us! Let’s do the film in a super-shaky-cam style like Blair Witch Project, because that is super au courant and sure to get the youths all hip to your message. Then we’ll do one of those website dealios where we pretend we have Terrifying Found Footage:

The following information has recently been released to the public. It was the decision of the board at First Baptist Church to “officially” release the following information about what happened in the spring of 2010.

In the spring of 2010, a church lock in at First Baptist Church was organized by Pastor Chris. In the first hour of the lock in, one of the students, Justin, had an unusual “incident” and was “inconsolable.” It was reported that he calmed down and kept to himself for the remainder of the event. Two days after the lock in, Justin reportedly broke down to his parents that he experienced something “evil” at the lock in. He also claimed he captured everything on tape.

After watching the footage, the parents met with church leaders to discuss criminal charges they were considering filing against the church for child endangerment, neglect and torture. A special hearing was immediately organized to find out what was on the tape. Two pastors, six elders and an unknown number of overseers met at an undisclosed location to view the footage of the tape. It was reported that two of the elders resigned their duties immediately after viewing the footage.

For a mere $5.99 you can pre-order this cinematic masterpiece, which will be released on January 9th. Watch party, anyone? We can hardly wait for the porn parody: The Cock-In.

[MMD Newswire/Filmdrunk]

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  • Karen Hanley Fogarty

    This has to be a joke.

    • FastMovingCloud

      Sadly, it doesn’t have to be. It could have been made by Rick Santorum’s new movie production company. This would be the kind of dreck he would make. You know, like the Christmas Candle. Now there was a movie!! :)

      • Karen Hanley Fogarty

        For sure. There is no doubt that someone would make something like this. But THIS particular clip feels odd to me – like there is a sly wink on the faces and some thinly disguised snark in the voices. I think it is a put on of the kind of people who would truly make and market a film like this. I could certainly be wrong, but that’s just the flava I got when I watched it.Plus, “Holy Moly Pictures”? Also, too. Try to find any evidence of them, anywhere, other than the promotion of this film. My theory is that they are going to make money on the 5.99 download and it won’t be until people spend the money that they find out that it is a total joke.

  • I think I would have to be stoned.

  • Duckler

    You know what would be even scarier during a “lock in”? A fire.

    • FastMovingCloud

      Now, THAT’S scary!!

  • Duckler

    In 2010, things called magazines existed.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.

  • The really sad thing is that this makes porn way more appealing than the reality (at least for me): about an hour of existential emptiness and snuggling with a pillow you’re desperately pretending is the kind of hot person who suddenly broke off contact for no discernible reason before you could even get to second base.

  • Duckler

    It doesn’t say much for the power of a church if demons can just waltz right in, does it?

  • MoeLarryAndJesus

    I had sex with a demon once and the condom melted.

  • Enfant Terrible

    According to Pat Robertson, the real threat is demon-possessed used clothing from Goodwill.

    • Joseph

      Yeah, well I’ve been trying for a succubus and so far it’s just insect parts and mildew. I give up. Maybe I ‘ll try the Salvation Army store.

  • mamba

    What’s scarier to me is that a church sees literally nothing with LOCKING IN people in the first place. where I come from, if you’re not allowed to leave a place that’s called “kidnapping”. Yet the idea is that even in real life, they see nothing abnormal about this practice at all.

    Is this true, Baptist church-goers? I’m not qualified to answer…