‘All In With Chris Hayes’ Tries To Interpret The Gnomist Twitter Feed Of Rupert Murdoch

We haven’t been much on the “All In With Chris Hayes” tip for our clipbait, but yesterday Hayes unpacked the delightfully terrifying and terrifyingly delightful Twitter feed of one Rupert Murdoch. Truly, we do not think anyone else is running Murdoch’s feed, because the tweets have the same level of unfiltered lunacy of Donald Trump’s feed.


First up, Hayes makes mention of Murdoch’s call for people to boycott Guinness because they pulled their sponsorship from Ye Olde Homophobic New York City Saint Pat’s Parade. Honestly, though, that’s just par for the course with Murdoch. Hayes moves on to do a deep dive into the congenital weirdness that is Murdoch on the Malaysian plane disappearance.

First up, of course Muslins did this and also too we should pal around with China.


That’s not a leap in logic. That’s a Dukes of Hazzard flying over a lake jump of logic. Does it get better? Yeah, it gets better, because then Hayes lets us know that Murdoch released this tweet into the wild as well.


So wait. Did Bin Laden steal the plane, or is the plane just hidden where Bin Laden was also too hidden, or is this just a tortured way of saying maybe the plane was hijacked? Sadly, Chris Hayes does not know and neither do we, which means we’ll probably have to subscribe to Murdoch’s feed to learn more. The things we do for our art.

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