Your choice of crappy TV shows has officially killed traditional marriage

conventional marriage tombstone

America, you disappoint me again. The top three shows Wednesday night were 1) America’s Got Talent with 10.1 million viewers, 2) Big Brother with 6.5 million, and 3) the fucking recap of last week’s America’s Got Talent with 6.1 million.

Granted, the competition was all reruns. But come on, people, this is why we have a brand new, one-month-old cable network called FYI with NOTHING BUT reality programming.


(Networks are so cute at that age, aren’t they? Obsessed with boobs and no sense of object permanence.)

Missing the brilliant opportunity to run nothing but Murphy Brown reruns 24 hours a day, FYI instead has an entire slate of reality programming about food and home renovations. Could be worse, I guess. Oh wait, it is.

Married at First Sight is a reality show where three sets of strangers get legally married at first sight, then have to live with each other and an entire camera crew for 10 episodes. But hey, it’s just a trial marriage with divorce lawyers standing by at the end of the season. MITT ROMNEY WARNED US THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN, PEOPLE!

MAFS was the first original show ever to air on FYI, and after just five episodes it’s now the first one to get renewed for a second season. Conventional marriage is now dead. Killed by reality TV. (And you thought it was going to be the gays.)

Long live one-man, six-box-turtle civil unions.

winking turtle

Flirty little bastards.

FYI > A&E Networks > 50% Hearst Corporation / 50% Disney-ABC Television Group >Disney Media Networks > The Walt Disney Company

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