RAW FEED: Chinese Bun Hair Tutorial | Marie from NerdQuest | Jill Bearup Does Hair

In another episode of ‘Jill Bearup does hair’ I recreate the Chinese bun (no, it isn’t actually Chinese as far as I know. No, I have no idea why it’s called that either tbh) that I wore when I played Marie (the LARPing necromancer…necromancing LARPer? Whatever) in MikeJ’s NerdQuest.

And let me tell you, this hairstyle held like a rock for three days of shooting, 10-12 hours a day. It rained, none of us had any makeup because it would have washed off and Welshy had to sacrifice a pair of trainers to the mud, but by gosh we made a movie and my hair looked pretty darn good.

Mike Jeavons has always insisted that any further film endeavours will take place in a single room, possibly in a hotel.

So basically a Channel Awesome crossover episode, but with a bit more plot and less potential copyright infringement.

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