A Children’s Treasury Of Hugh Jackman Being Adorable

A Children's Treasury Of Hugh Jackman Being Adorable
Hugh Jackman looked so freaking amazing today at Wimbledon, like some kind of handsome pirate Satan person. He looked so fine, in fact, that we felt we ought to take a trip down Memory Lane and visit The Hughs of Yesteryear. Join us, won’t you?

We begin with a very recent Hugh, 2014 Tony Awards Host Hugh. Remember that Hugh rapped during this performance! He is just so precious, so cute, so funny and so wonderful that of course the performance went off without a hitch. Hugh Jackman is your new Dead Prez, hooray! And just look at how happy he is to arrive at the Tonys. The cops are protecting him, but Hugh Jackman needs no protection, for his innate goodness glows like a shield of awesome. Hugh Jackman puts only goodness and light into the world.

68th Annual Tony Awards in New York City - Arrivals

Now let’s look at 2011 Hugh. One of the great pleasures of being a Hugh Jackman fan is that every few years you get to see him totally jacked up as Wolverine! And in order to accept this wonderful gift you must sometimes go through the fallow periods when he appears in things like “Real Steel.” Here’s a photo of him from the premiere of that film.

"Real Steel" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

A bit farther in the waybackman (ha!) machine, and we see Hugh Jackman looking HOT AS SHIT in a bigass winter coat, pushing his daughter in a stroller (we did not show the daughter, because Ethics, and anyway she has nothing to do with our lust for Hugh, although the fact that he is evidently a wonderful father and husband DOES feed into our love for him!)

Hugh Jackman Walking with Daughter Ava Eliot in Greenwich Village in New York on February 2, 2010

Now hold onto your fucking berets, because we are doing a major time jump here, from 2010 ALL THE WAY BACK TO 2003! Hugh went to the MTV Movie Awards looking like Fabio on the best day of Fabio’s life, in Heaven, Photoshopped by Jesus.

2003 MTV Movie Awards

And now we’ve got a really special treat for you. This photo of Hugh is so old we don’t even know when it was taken! It could be from BEFORE 9/11, even. It may have been taken in AUSTRALIA (who even knew they had yet developed the science of photography there in pre-9/11 times?) Here is Young Hugh Jackman, doing who knows what, looking like John Oliver married John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats and then they had the handsomest man-baby in the whole wide dorky world.

Hugh Jackman



Oh, Hugh. We are so happy that you are so happy with your longtime wife, BUT. If it ever does not work out, you can call us (me, Sara, me me me me!) anytime you like. You are a human delight machine.

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