A Children’s Treasury of Gay Boys Twerking at DC’s Capital Pride Parade

Gay bubble twerk

Oh God, poor Eric Cantor would hate this. Which is partly why we love it. This past Sunday, Washington DC held its Capital Pride Parade for teh geighz, and dear God was it glorious. Here, have some magical gayness, for your eyes!

We happened across these fantastic photos thanks to What Weekly, a lovely web-based periodical outta Ballmer (Baltimore). Their cute writer/editor man Ezra Winter is our Twitter frayng. And they’re on Twitter too, so go follow them, obviously. Do not be a monster!

Gay military
Here is the military color guard. This was apparently the first year they marched in this parade, isn’t that wonderful? We think it is wonderful. If we were there, we might have shed a tear at the joy of seeing gay men in actual uniforms as opposed to costumes. Not that there’s anything wrong with costumes, as you shall soon see.

Gay parade leader
Here is a lovely gal leading the parade with a baton, as is only right and good.

Gay butts
These precious angels are truly gifts from Baby Jeebus God.

Gay Chipotle
Look at the joy ‘pon the young man’s face as he rides his burrito. Chipotle is so fucking gay.

A Children's Treasury of Gay Boys Twerking at DC's Capital Pride Parade
Every single thing in this photograph would make the Tea Party pass out.

Gay dad and son
Yup, this one too.

Each photo is more spectacular than the last, so you simply must go to look at all of them, glory be and hallelujah.



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