Child Star From ‘Two And A Half Men’ Sad About Filthy Show, Still Happy About His Mounds Of Cash

Child Star From 'Two And A Half Men' Sad About Filthy Show, Still Happy About His Mounds Of Cash

Do you guys watch “Two And A Half Men”? Oh, stop lying. SOMEONE had to be watching it, because it had high ratings forever. It’s maybe about Charlie Sheen? Or Ashton Kutcher? There was a kid, right? Definitely a kid. A kid who turned into a whiny little bitchcake of an adult because now he thinks Jesus didn’t want him to do the show, but he was still cool with taking all that sweet sweet cash while it lasted.

So this dude that now looks like a human version of Animal the Muppet drummer used to be a cute kid, and when he was, he was one of the stars of the show, until last year when he decided to tell people NOT TO WATCH THE SHOW.

Jones was earning a reported $6 million a year when he posted a YouTube video in 2012 telling viewers to stop watching his own show because of it would fill their minds with “filth.”

He did not get to have his $6 million per year job after that! Weird, huh? But it is totally OK, because he now has a new calling, which is to tell all the other Jesus people how hard it was for him to rake in that money for so long.

Sayeth the whiny rich one:

[Jones said] he “wasn’t OK” with being “part of something that was making light of topics in our world where there are really problems for a lot of people.” Jones, now 20 and a student at the University of Colorado in Boulder, talked to Houston TV station KHOU over the weekend; he was in town to speak at the World Harvest Outreach, a Seventh-Day Adventist congregation, the station said. “I really want to come into the light because I know that is where the healing is and I’ve seen God do amazing things,” Jones said.

Hey kiddo! Guess what else can do amazing things? The ENORMOUS PILES OF CASH you have. If you made $6 million a year for even a few years of your nearly ten-year run, kidlet, you have at least $15 million to throw around. Give it to a church! Give it to a charity! Give it to a homeless guy on the street! Burn it and say you’ve given yourself over to Jesus Christ your lord and savior! But just sitting around lounging on your pile of money while declaiming that it was oh so hard to make all that money because you felt like you were making light of the world’s problems instead of helping solve them is the biggest pile of self-indulgent bullshit ever. Bigger, even, than your crappy show.

[Deadline Hollywood/New York Daily News]

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  • Annie Towne

    Give it to me!

    • Mojopo

      Yeah, fork it over kid! I want a new VitaBlend from Costco and I’ll praise Jesus every time I purée soup.

      • tegrat

        No, she’s talking about his filthy mind…

    • Joseph

      Yes, yes! give it tome and I fill fuck your mind over cheaper than Annie. Or anybody. Quicker too.

  • bumfug

    You try to tell the kids this Jesus stuff will just fuck their minds up but do they listen?

  • Sean Indignado Kitchen

    It would have been better if he laid down some Chosmky, not this Jesus bs…

    • Deleted

      This post was deleted.

  • Sean Indignado Kitchen

    I never met a preacher who didn’t love his millions. Have you, Joel Olsten?

  • I don’t know what it is but apparently Chuck Lorre has cracked the code of what baby boomers find funny. I’ve heard of people who watch “Two and a Half Men”, and none of them are under 50. Also my parents, both of whom are now 60+, love the hell out of “The Big Bang Theory”, and none of them have ever liked a sitcom that wasn’t “Seinfeld” or “Frasier” in my memory.

  • NDeeeZ

    Boulder is, of course, rife with these trustafarians…(I’m not saying he got it through a trust, as most of them did, but he DID get it by being an actor on a highly rated TV show, for which you work ALMOST as hard as any trust recipient.)

  • he’s almost as bad as the porn actresses who get too old or fat and are basically pushed out of the industry because they want the same money as the new girls,

    • MAZS

      really? that’s your analogy?

    • Annie Towne

      Such a generous, well-meaning comment.

    • vreejack

      So… he grew out of his “charming child” stage and wanted a raise? Or is the show pornographic? I don’t think either is true, but I never really saw the show.

    • I felt like i should clarify this comment since i was catching so much flak for it. What makes Angus different is that he walked away complaining that the job was demeaning and vile, but conspicuously silent about the money. Whereas, the aforementioned porn star walks away bellyaching about both.

  • Put A Kettle On

    Smoke the money. Throw a few hundreds in a coffee grinder and then twist up a hollow Dutch Master. It’ll get you high, Mitt Romney high.

    • Given that it was once reported that some ridiculous percentage of Franklins had cocaine residue on them, Richard Pryor high.

  • tegrat

    Seems like a very principled young man. He’ll make a great leader of the righteous!

  • Run2Live

    He’ll be raking in syndication residuals for years to come. Oh, the shame.

  • Cuberly

    Back to the Future 4?

  • M H

    Can’t the elders of his faith at least do something about that FUCKING BEARD? Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

    • temporarily’tom’

      And all the Whos in Whoville wept

    • vreejack

      He is extremely wealthy. Clearly Jesus loves him.

  • BMW

    I don’t see why you’re attacking him for walking away from a show he didn’t agree with the values of. When he started, he was a little kid who probably had no idea what he was getting himself into. His values might have changed while he was on the show and learned what it was really about, and he decided he’d had enough upon reaching adulthood. We also don’t really know how much money he still has, since a lot of people could have had their hands on it besides him (which happens to a lot of child actors).

    • NDeeeZ

      Fine. His values changed. But he still is keeping the money, is still cashing (HUGE) residuals checks every month. It’s so much easier to be self-righteous when you’re set for life, or at least will be enjoying a MASSIVE cushion well into middle age–we DO know about residuals, regardless of what MIGHT have happened to the salary.If he really thinks it’s filthy lucre, ill-gotten gain, he should give it away to the very people he thinks the show exploited. Until then, yes; I’ll judge it as empty pontificating. Or triangulating on a career fleecing the faithful.

      • temporarily’tom’

        “Or triangulating on a career fleecing the faithful.”Which is more in keeping with the show. And the Latter Day Saints?! Oh, c’mon…

  • Arcturus

    This kid and Bristol Palin should get together and have a hypocrite fest! Think of all the wisdom these two 20 year old pisants could foist upon the dumb public.

    • temporarily’tom’

      They should get together and make a hypocrite baby

  • greensprout

    I knew a girl in her mid 20s who told me Two and a Half Men was her favourite show. Mind you, when I mentioned to her I was visiting England, she asked me what language they speak there.

    • vreejack

      Maybe she heard them talk. I had to translate for my wife.

  • Chuck Lorre TV shows are proof there is no God.

  • elpinche

    Apparently Jesus is punishing him by shrouding him in holy pubic hair.

  • Tokopol

    The neckbeard up there is referring to something other than himself as filthy???

  • To be fair, the show is pretty freaking wretched. And stupid.