"Chicago Law" Pilot in Development, Which Windy City Occupation Will Be Next?

NBC has recently announced that the fourth installment in the “Chicago (Insert Occupation Here)”, Chicago Law, is currently in development. If ordered to series and if Law and Order: SVU and Chicago Med get renewed, that would give executive producer Dick Wolf five shows on NBC at the same time.


Despite the lack of awards and social media engagement, the Chicago franchise has attracted steady ratings and a sizeable audience. and NBC is going to milk that cow until it runs dry.

Or until they finally get that Friends reunion that they’ve been desperate for since 2004.

"Chicago Law" Pilot in Development, Which Windy City Occupation Will Be Next?

The day it all went downhill.

Now that we’ve got shows following the Windy City’s firemen, doctors, and policemen, don’t you wonder whose workplace will be next? We at Happy Nice Time People have come up with a few suggestions for future installments of the franchise.

Chicago School

Considering all the real life drama currently going on in the Chicago public school system, no one should be surprised if Dick Wolf decides to set his next Chicago show in a gritty, underfunded public school. In a “ripped from the headlines” style, there will be tired, but still pretty teachers trying to teach underprivileged minority youth about the beauty of Shakespeare and the importance of math and the discipline of basketball and the magic of dance while keeping them out of gang life and fighting for school supplies.


Wait, what do you mean this sounds familiar?

Best of all, the series will last until the Chicago public school system finally gets its act together. So…forever.

Chicago Barista

Where do all your favorite characters from your favorite Chicago show get their coffee? Probably down at the cute little coffee shop down the street. What do you mean “What coffee shop?”? It’s always been there *wink* *wink*.

The only thing hotter than the coffee is the drama at this Chicago coffeehouse: Angry customers who accuse our lovable baristas with the tragic pasts of serving decaf instead of regular, annoying aspiring screenwriters who hog tables and bandwidth, and basic white girls who insist pumpkin lattes are available all year round. Though the stress is high and the pay is low, this coffee shop staff bands together to serve the best overpriced coffee.


“This is an artisanal brand, brought in all the way from Switzerland.”

When ratings get too low, characters from more successful Chicago shows crossover to order a venti latte and quietly sit in the corner with their laptops.


Chicago Pizza 

Chicago is best known for their deep dish pizza so it makes sense that Dick Wolf would center a Chicago drama around a shop serving the Windy City’s favorite treat. Unlike the other Chicago shows, this would only be a half hour long to represent the urgency of getting a pizza out in thirty minutes or less. And by God, is this little pizza shop going to make sure every man, woman, and child is going to get their pizza.


Neither rain nor sleet nor snow…

To cash in even more, NBC will open up an official “Chicago Pizza” restaurant to get more money for their wallets. Screw t-shirts and coffee mugs; this is the merchandising of the future.

So if you ever get stuck for ideas, Dick Wolf, you can always look to Happy Nice Time People for inspiration.


Or you could just look outside your window and pick the first three buildings you pass by. Either one will work.


Susan Velazquez

Susan is a recent college grad and writer who enjoys all things from the 1980s, snarking on dumb television, and reveling in celebrity gossip. Oh, and she has serious interests like reading historical fiction, getting involved in social issues, and consuming French fries.

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