It Was Inevitable That We’d Tell You To Go Listen To That Charlie Brown Christmas Song

Oh, like we weren’t going to get to this one right quick. Vince Guaraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas is a really really legit good record and you should sit down and listen to the whole thing some time. DO IT. I highly recommend kicking back to the full instrumental version of “Christmas Time Is Here” because (1) it is lovely and much longer and has much more jazz packed into it and (2) listening to the instrumental will help you avoid that thing where you just sing-mumble a few of the lyrics after you listen to the vocal version:

“Christmas time is here/Happiness and cheer/something something, la la la/Christmas time…”

After you’ve chilled out a little with this Christmas classic, you’ll probably feel like also too listening to “Linus and Lucy” from the same record because that is stuck forever in your head as “The Peanuts Song.”

When you watch this, you’re going to have a visceral urge to dance like the Peanuts kids. That’s OK. Everybody does. But you really shouldn’t, what with being an adult and all. Not because you’ll look stupid, but because you’ll probably hurt yourself. But if you insist, perhaps get some professional instruction.

We’re here to help. Thank us later.

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