Celebrity Selfie Of The Day: We Don’t Know What James Franco Is Doing Either

James Franco is doing some sort of complicated ironic meta thing where he keeps staging faux-paparazzi photos and scribbling all over them in some sort of gossip-column-style way. Apparently that has now extended to selfies where he looks…terrible? stoned? It’s like performance art without the art.


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  • Benjy Compson? Or another Dumb and Dumber movie? Hard to tell.

  • mtn_philosoph

    “It’s like performance art without the art.”Nah mang. He just baked is all.

  • My eye does that when I am really high too.

  • zedbot

    He amuses me.

  • redarmyzombie

    “It’s like performance art without the art.”Or the performance.

  • wysoft

    looks like his girlfriend is giving him a haircutnice to see a celebrity who keeps it real. maybe he could buy a flowbee.