Celebrity Selfie Of The Day: Kathy Griffin Clearly Has An Intern

Other people take selfies, but Kathy Griffin apparently has a minion to take a picture of her taking a picture of herself. Jellus.


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  • Kathy Griffin is a living testament to how much can be accomplished with a bucket of make up.

    • PhattElvis

      Or with a sweat sock pulled over a camera lens.

    • timpundit

      So the fuck what? She’s also rocking a bikini body at age 52, And if she didn’t wear makeup you’d probably bigtch about this.Nice site, Wonkette. I can feel the happy nice time shit already.

      • The butthurt… I can smell it from here. – This might help.Relax, friend, it’s called humor, and it is meant to be taken light-heartedly.

        • timpundit

          Damn right it’s ‘butthurt’, my friend, I am POSITIVE Rebecca started this site to make fun of woman of a certain age wearing too much make up. Rebecca is FAMOUS for her love of the mocking woman’s bodies and making jokes about it.. Absolutely! It’s all over Wonkette, he lauing at older woman for their ugliness and too much make up.

          • So somehow, when Lisa posted this, Rebecca knew that I, the Shypixel, had once seen an image on the internet of Kathy Griffin jogging, and she further knew that I, who have never spoken with her, was impressed with how much different Kathy looked when not wearing make up?Further, Rebecca knew me, a virtual stranger, so well that she knew I would then make a comment in which I referenced my earlier observation about the make up in a snarky way?Hell, if that is true, Rebecca is not vindictive, she is God.

          • timpundit

            I have no idea what all that meant.I just thought my comrades from Wonkette were a little less misogynistic is all. Might as well be tea POTS.

      • edith prickly

        Kathy Griffin sockpuppet said what?

        • timpundit


  • x111e7thst

    If only there could have been a mirror involved some how. A bathroom mirror..

  • ZorakHendrix

    The intern has to wear a burlap bag while working for Kathy. also…Did you hear the rumor that Kathy Griffin’s intern is the identical twin of Mila Kunis? Yup, that’s the rumor… you read it here first.

    • timpundit

      You sound like a Tea Pot. Only less intelligent.

      • That word is a big no, nope, nuh-uh on this site, so if it shows up again, Imma banhammer away. You can fight about Kathy Griffin all you want with whoever will fight you, but stop using “T*rd” or away you go.

        • timpundit

          Fine. I jutst talk about how ugly Griffin cause that’s nice time fun.

  • msanthropesmr

    How meta.

  • Mrs_Wudi

    So… what’s Kathy doing with herself nowadays that facilitates an intern? Oh let’s be honest, I give so few fucks that I won’t even bother googling.

    • msanthropesmr

      That’s very few fucks there.

    • x111e7thst

      No fucks were given at all.

    • timpundit

      Several concerts a year, Bravo comedy specials and looking hot ass HAWT for a lady over fifty, that’s what.

  • Zippy W Pinhead

    I’m just thankful no actual sideboob was involved