Celebrity Apprentice: Three’s a Crowd

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It’s down to the final three. Who gets fired, and who gets to compete in the last task of the season–creating the best commercial for Universal Orlando Resorts and raising big bucks selling vacation packages?


We’re down to the final three: Geraldo, Leeza Gibbons, and Vivica Fox. Three’s a crowd, and one person must go. The Donald calls them into the boardroom and asks them each why they should stay. Everyone talks a good game, but only one of them has been the kiss of death each week with zero good ideas. Trump fires Vivica instead.


“Just let me leave already”

With that pesky matter taken care of, the final challenge can begin. Geraldo and Leeza’s task is to be “Universal Wizards.” They’ll create a commercial for Universal Orlando Resorts, compete to sell vacation packages, and present their work at a red carpet event. The Donald explains that the win and the title won’t necessarily go to the biggest fundraiser or to the best ad.

"In the end, I'll pick whoever I bloody well please"

“In the end, I’ll pick whoever can keep me on FOX News.

On with the pointless exercise, then. Our remaining contestants will each be given a special team of “helpers” made up of previously fired celebrities. Leeza goes to meet her team, and it consists of Kevin Jonas, who is eager to stomp the crap out of Geraldo, and recently-fired Johnny Damon and Brandi Glanville, both fairly solid players. Leeza is elated.

"Hi, Guys!"

“Hi, guys!”

Over on the other side, it was apparently impossible to dredge up anyone who had not previously clashed with Geraldo. His team includes Vivica (still mad because he refuses to ogle her butt), Ian (still shocked to be in the presence of an ego bigger than his own), and Lorenzo (still frustrated by a fellow Latino’s lack of rhythm).

"Eh... hi, guys"

“Eh… hi, guys”

The teams begin brainstorming. Leeza wants to center on the concept of magic and says she plans to get her friend Olivia Newton-John to sing “Magic” at the presentation event. Kevin suggests a commercial storyline with a dad who wants to overschedule the family vacation but ends up being drawn into the magic and spontaneity of Universal Orlando while the whole family has a great time. Leeza picks Kevin as the commercial director, and he starts making a shot list. Johnny and Brandi stand by and nod.

Over on the other team, Geraldo is calling the shots as usual. He wants to star in the commercial playing himself, a news reporter. And he’ll also play Harry Potter to advertise Universal’s Hogwarts area. Next, Team Ego, er, Geraldo meets with the Universal execs, who mention the theme “Find the hero within.” Everyone loves the line, and they decide to use it in the commercial.


Team Leeza heads to the theme park to scout locations for their commercial shoot. As they look around and Kevin makes notes, Leeza is also working on fundraising. She gets a call from a donor promising $120,000. Brandi and Johnny wander off to get a beer.

Doing what they do best

Doing what they do best

Back at headquarters, both teams are making fundraising calls. Geraldo doesn’t seem too worried about it; Fox & Friends is always good for some dough. Brandi speculates that Geraldo has probably already raised a lot of money. “It could be a gazillion dollars,” she says. Leeza sends Brandi and Johnny back to the park to shop for commercial props and costumes, while she and Kevin continue to make calls.

Geraldo sends commercial director Lorenzo and assistant director Vivica to the park to scout locations while he and Ian work on the script (ooh… bad idea). They also talk about entertainment for the red carpet presentation. Geraldo thinks he might be able to get Josh Grobin to sing, or failing that, maybe the team should just dress up like wizards and sing themselves (ooh… terrible idea). Just then, Lorenzo and Vivica show back up to present Geraldo with his Harry Potter costume.

Dead ringer

Dead ringer

Ian keeps saying, “There can be only one Harry Potter,” but I’m pretty sure that’s Highlander.

Johnny and Brandi’s “shopping trip” is a total bust. Apparently, the Universal Orlando shops don’t carry anything that looks like something a tourist would wear or some such nonsense. Anyway, they spend their time riding roller coasters and hanging out.

It’s the day of the shoot, and Geraldo is setting up all the shots and totally ignoring the shot list Lorenzo and Vivica made. This is making everyone mad, but especially Vivica. Here’s Lorenzo channeling her spirit:

"No you didn't make your own shot list!"

“No you didn’t make your own shot list!”

Things are more collaborative over on Team Leeza, at least between Leeza and Kevin. They’re shooting scenes while Johnny and Brandi are mostly just standing around.

There’s some kind of snafu on Team Geraldo with the child actors they hired failing to show up on location, presumably due to lack of communication about where they were supposed to be. Geraldo, who was just beginning to chill out and let Lorenzo direct, flips out and yells that from now on, he’s in charge of every shot. Oh brother.

And that’s where we leave things for now. We’ll see the rest of the task on the season finale, when the newest Celebrity Apprentice will be decided.

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