CBS gets the jump on HBO GO with standalone streaming service available now!

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CBS is one-upping HBO by announcing its own standalone, a la carte streaming service—available now!

While you’ll have to wait until 2015 to get HBO GO without cable, you can now get CBS’s full lineup of national programming on demand via internet for just $5.99 per month. You’ll have to wait until the day after a show airs to watch it online because CBS isn’t quite ready to screw over its affiliates (yet) by allowing live viewing when you should be watching the bewb tube. (Unless you live in one of 14 cities where CBS owns the affiliate station directly, in which case, knock yourself out.)


Happy Nice Time People is cheering on the development of new streaming services because they’ll eventually kill cable dead, and there’ll be much rejoicing. But we must admit CBS wasn’t among the most obvious candidates—mostly because a single broadcast network doesn’t have enough programming to compete with Netflix or Hulu. However, the CBS Corporation (which owns CBS, obviously) also owns Showtime. Uniting the two into one streaming service could give Showtime a vehicle to better compete with HBO GO.

And $5.99 for CBS and Showtime seems like a much more tempting product to order than CBS alone. Who’s that desperate for same-season NCIS and The Big Bang Theory reruns anyway? Throw in the opportunity to start watching Homeland and Penny Dreadful, and you’ve really got something.

Fingers crossed that’s the direction CBS Corp. goes in 2015.

(Note: CBS’s streaming service will NOT include NFL games.)

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