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In his ongoing look at superhero films, the Cinema Slob takes a look at DC’s effort to make a Catwoman film. Find out just how many lives this kitty has, as the Slob sinks his claws into this purrrrfect action movie. Be sure to stay tuned after the credits to see the Slob acquire an object of incredible power!

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  • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…of all the female cat girl characters out there (Tigra, Catwoman, Black Cat, Cheetara, Cheetah, Wily Kit, Hepzibah (although originally an anthro skunk, she has recently been portrayed as a catgirl), and Feral, and that’s only of western-style comics, Tigra’s origin was ripped off from this movie, but since this movie was done so poorly, I don’t consider it a true rip off.  Greer Grant Nelson isn’t nearly as meek as Patience, but Tigra is much more violent than Catwoman, and passionate in all areas as well.  The constant battle that Greer battles with her Tigra identity is why she’s my favorite Marvel heroine, although Scarlett Witch is a close second, with Photon third.

    And yes I know Black Cat and Catwoman aren’t technically catgirls, they still have catty costumes and names, so they do count.

  • Delawheredad

    There are lots of things wrong with this movie even if you ignore the changes made to the cat woman character. The acting is passable at best. The CGI is some of the worst ever committed to celluloid and nearly every supporting character is unlikeable and whiny. There is the basketball scenes which is comedy gold and there are so many continuity errors that I suspect that the continuity director was the director’s five year old nephew. I think that this movie deserves every bit of bad rap that it has acquired.
    Most critics today are NOT fan boys. Looking objectively at “Catwoman” as a film one finds that it fails on just about every level. It is however an unintentional comedy of the first rank.

  • romanl123

    I dont give a crap about the character, the movie is a trainwreck. And the Cinema Slob is totally unfunny, all he does is narrating the movie, without adding anything clever.

    • Earthbound_X

       This is easily his weakest ep, the others I have seen have been much better.