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Inspired by the recent Manti Te’o story, Dr. O’Boogie reviews the documentary Catfish, about a guy named Nev who falls for a girl over Facebook who’s not quite what she seems. The Doctor sounds off on whether this “documentary” is real or fake, and finally reveals to the world what he really and truly looks like! Warning: This review contains massive spoilers for the ending of Catfish, but… seriously, do you not know how this movie ends by now?

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  • Alexa

    Man leukemia and a car crash…Tough break, and what a waste of abs, no grated cheese tonight. So sad…

    • LindaMinda

      You sure that’s not a meta catfish in and of itself?

    • Just between me and you… I.. faked my death. Sorry. Seltzerberg saw some of my reviews and they were coming after me, so I had to hide out for a while. But I’m all better now, and we can continue our relationship where we never meet in person!

      • Alexa

        Sounds like a plan.

        And don’t let Seltzerberg get you down, they probably just got furiously jealous after seeing and hearing what actually comedy was. ; )

  • Thomas Stockel

    Huh. I knew about the football girlfriend scandal, but I didn’t know anything about this movie before. It does make one think about those people you are acquainted with only via the internet and how much you really know about ’em.

  • Cameron Vale

    A certainly fake person reviews a possibly fake documentary by a certainly real person, in which an apparently real person tells a possibly true story about an apparently fake story about catfish.

    • What? I’m a real person! At least I think I am..

      • danbreunig

        Let’s hope so, or else none of us would be on here now!

  • Florida

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    • Uhhh.. as much I’d love to help you, this is my review of the Catfish movie, not the official MTV Catfish site. Maybe this is what you’re looking for? Also, I edited your comment so as to not to besmirch the good names of poor Steve and Rita.