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Powerless: Sink or swim

At Wayne Security, the team gathers to watch a news report about Atlantis being attacked, days before the annual holiday Sinking Day. Atlantis is the home of the superhero Aquaman but in the Powerless universe, it’s also the where William…

Riverdale: Cool motive, still illegal

Jughead is upset that the local drive-in, where he works part-time, is closing. Jughead’s narration tries to justify that the drive in theater is needed now more than ever due to the negative atmosphere created by Jason Blossom’s death. Jughead,…

Powerless: #Girlboss or #BFF?

One thing I do like about the world of “Powerless” is that every Charm City resident seems over super villain hijinks. The Joker rigs two evacuating ferries with explosives and Gotham loses their minds. General Zod and Superman [edited

Riverdale: #JusticeForEthel

Jughead’s dumb narrations get dumber with every episode. This week, he spouts off a grocery list of opposites. Good versus evil, light versus dark, etc. Wow. So deep. Much pretentious. Anyway, Cheryl admits that she lied in her original statement.…

Powerless: A not-so-powerful pilot

Wow, it’s only the pilot episode, and DC Comics has already fucked up my New Year’s resolution for them. This version of Powerless is way different from the trailer that premiered at the San Diego Comic Con. The previous pilot’s…

Riverdale: Archie's Weird Mystery

Archie Comics are heading to TV with a CW teen drama/mystery which is like Pretty Little Liars meets Twin Peaks, minus the weird, supernatural stuff. So this is just Pretty Little Liars on the CW with Archie characters. There’s already…

Sherlock: A bumpy night

It's fake-out on top of fake-out in the season and likely series finale of Sherlock, so fasten your seat belts, as Jim (Still Dead) Moriarty will say, and take a Valium if you have a fear of flying because we open with this nightmare flight scenario...

Sherlock: The Adventure of the Combover Monster

Babies are notorious show killers, so let's hope we won't be seeing much of her. Then again, if Americans have learned anything from Downton Abbey, it's that British children are not meant to be seen or heard, except except maybe for an obligatory ten minute period every other week, between tea and supper.

Scream Queens: The Swamp Thing

Once again, the Green Meanie tries to attack poor me for no other reason than the fact that I happen to work at a hospital that was the site of some medical negligence in the '80s. And that I deep fried Nurse Awful's sister's face or something.

The Exorcist: And now the time has come

Welcome to the series finale (looks like, maybe, unless there's divine intervention or an email campaign) of The Exorcist – a television show that despite being very prettily filmed and classy, never grabbed a big enough audience. We might autopsy it later, but for now the recap.