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Star Trek: Voyager “Q2”

We have now come to the final installment of… …and boy, does it suck! This episode aired in the latter half of Voyager‘s final season. By this point, the show had already given up on its premise and decided…

Star Trek: Voyager “Death Wish”

While Star Trek: The Next Generation ended with “All Good Things…” (and from everything I’ve been hearing about Star Trek: Picard, I have good reason to continue viewing “All Good Things…” as TNG’s true ending), the Trek franchise wasn’t…

Star Trek: Picard “Broken Pieces”

Previously on Star Trek Into Oldness: Picard rescued Small Wonder from the Borg Cube, and his heroism inspired Hugh to start a Borg revolution on the cube, which apparently he’d just plain never thought of doing before. Tragically, he…

Star Trek: Picard “The Impossible Box”

Previously on Grumpy Old Captains: They finally found Maddox and discovered the location of Soji, but Jurati secretly killed him because of something scary Commodore Oh told her Soji was gonna do. Raffi is depressed after an acrimonious encounter with…