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The Raw Feed is an unfiltered, up-to-the-minute look at what our staff members are uploading and writing. Videos in the Raw Feed have not been approved by an editor, so watch at your own risk.

RAW FEED: My thoughts on Dumbo 2019

The Tim Burton directed remake of a Disney classic... how does it hold up? Use of movie clips are done under fair use of copyright for entertainment, educational and parody reasons. Like my faceb...

RAW FEED: Leaving 4546B

The end of Subnautica. I won't be back until Below Zero.* Discord: Patreon: *I immediately started a Hardcore run.

RAW FEED: Realidad VS Realismo

En el Spaceworld del año 2000, Nintendo mostró el poder de su nueva consola: El Game Cube, esta presentación incluía un demo de The Legend of Zelda, pero al año siguiente, la presentación del nuevo...