Category: Interviews

An Interview with Ed Glaser, Founder of Dark Maze Studios

"I know, his name may not ring too many bells, but he and his film company Dark Maze Studios have been making quite a name for themselves recently, as anyone who's seen the infamous Press Start can tell you. And they'll be in for quite the profile boost when they become the official American distributors for the next great film from the makers of Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam: Turkish Rambo!"

An Interview with John Wilson, Razzie Founder

"All my hard work in trying to handicap the Razzies this year finally paid off, and this site gained the attention of the grand Razzie poobah himself, John Wilson, the guy who created the Golden Raspberry Awards back in 1981, and is still Head Razzberry to this day.

"If you're wondering what a Head Razzberry does, I couldn't tell you, but I do know he's one of the founding fathers of the Bad Movie Movement. Without the Razzies, the Agony Booth and a lot of other bad movie websites wouldn't exist today."

An Interview with Bob Sullivan, Clonus screenwriter

Despite the obvious similarities to Clonus, which I laid out pretty clearly in my review of The Island, the lawsuit itself was a contentious subject among fans of the two films. Now comes word that the issue has been put to rest, more or less, as has the lawsuit. According to an inside source, Clonus Associates v. DreamWorks was settled out of court in late 2006, reportedly for a seven-figure sum to be paid to Clonus Associates.

An Interview with Robert Fiveson, Director of Parts: The Clonus Horror

“A cult favorite thanks to its appearance on Mystery Science Theater 3000 during the Sci-Fi Channel years, Parts: The Clonus Horror also happens to be one of the films recapped on this very site. Roughly a year ago, I received an email from a reader saying I had kept him laughing deep into the night with my recap of Parts. Imagine my astonishment when that reader turned out to be Robert S. Fiveson, director and co-producer of Parts: The Clonus Horror.”

An Interview with Norman Gary

Norman E. Gary, PhD is one of the country's preeminent apiculturists—better known to most people as a ‘bee wrangler’—and he's been providing trained bee services for movie and TV productions for over forty years. He's handled thousands of bees on the sets of movies like The X Files: Fight the Future, Terror Out of the Sky, and Invasion of the Bee Girls, not to mention two Agony Booth-recapped films: The Savage Bees and Leonard Part 6.”